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More Evidence that Google is Going to Announce a Game Console – Game Rant

More Evidence that Google is Going to Announce a Game Console – Game Rant

For several weeks, Google has been teasing a major gaming announcement that will take place at GDC 2019. These teasers included a promotional video that said that Google would be revealing its vision “for the future of gaming” at the event. Although the video teaser was vague, it may have been more revealing that some initially realized.

Google has posted the video teaser for its big gaming announcement in several places on the web, with one of these being its official website. The Gather Around promo is being hosted on store.google.com and many have taken this as evidence that Google is going to announce its own games console.

Store.google.com is the platform Google uses to sell its hardware, such as the Google Home, the Pixel smartphones and tablets, Nest thermostats and cameras, and the associated accessories for these products. So, if Google is also hosting the video for its GDC 2019 presentation on the site, it suggests that the announcement is related to hardware, such as a console. Some had wondered if the announcement would be related to Project Stream, the game streaming service that it began testing last year. However, the teasers seem to confirm that there will be more to the keynote event than that.

Google console GDC 2019 event teaser video

This isn’t the first time that gamers have heard about Google‘s potential plans to build a games console. A report published last year also stated that a Google console is in the works and that it had begun talks with major companies to partner with them for the software. According to the report, the console would incorporate the Project Stream service.

Also supporting the idea is that Google is making some major hires in the gaming space. Yesterday, Jade Raymond, who previously worked on the Assassin’s Creed franchise at Ubisoft and led a studio at EA, announced that she has joined Google as vice president. This suggests that gaming is going to be a very important part of the company’s business in future, expanding on the success it already has by letting people download mobile games through Google Play.

Along with the rumored reveal of a new console, Google is also expected to share more details about its gaming partnerships. There has also been speculation that Google has teamed up with Sega, but fans will have to wait until March 18 to see this confirmed or denied.

Source: store.google.com

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